Black Pinball (14mm)

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Black Pinball 14mm

The Black Pinball is an ideal size for most people when it comes to volume. It features lab quality 14mm female joints and comes with a 14mm mouthpiece stem.

Thickness of the glass is also a focus on this waterpipe. Globe shaped bubblers are inherently thin due to how the sphere is formed but on the Black Pinball an effort has been made to keep the glass as thick as possible. Compared to the Snake Globe for example, the Black Pinball is about 3 times as thick. 

This waterpipe utilizes the showerhead style of percolator. And one that has lots of slits to break up the vapour path into the water. You can expect the draw to be very free flowing and vapour to be significantly smoothed and conditioned.


  • 1 x Black Pinball (14mm)
  • 1 x 14mm Mouthpiece Stem