Avert Foil Fresh Bags

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Avert Foil Fresh Bags

Avert Foil Fresh Bags use mylar aluminium to provide the safest, most hygienic and smell proof resealable bag on the market.

When packaging it is possible to iron shut the bag for long term storage which adds an extra layer of protection for your precious herbs. Then once ready to use you can then tear off the ironed section of the zip lock bag. You can then continue to reseal the bag via the premium zip lock.

Every Avert Foil Fresh Bag has the Avert logo on it which is translucent so you can see inside.

Avert Foil Fresh Bags come in a 3.5 gram, 28 gram/1oz and 460 grams/1lb


  • 1 x Avert Foil Fresh Bag (Please Choose Size)