Arizer ArGo/Air replacement 18650 Battery & Tester

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ArGo/Air Battery and Battery Tester

Need to freshen up the performance of your Argo or Air vaporizer? Wack a brand new li-ion 18650 long life battery in. This battery currently comes standard with a battery charge tester which provides a safe place to store your battery and gives you the ability to check how much charge is in your battery without having to load it into another device.

These batteries are also suitable for various other vaporizers.


  • Battery Style - Flat Top
  • Capacity - 3400mAh
  • Voltage - 3.7V
  • Standard Charge Current - 1000mA
  • Max Charge Voltage (CC/CV) - 4.2V
  • Min Discharge Voltage - 2.5V
  • Max Cont Discharge Current - Recommended  Max Current 6.8A


  • Fully charge battery to 4.2V before first use
  •  Never completely discharge Li-lon battery below 2.5V
  • Do not remove heat shrink wrap from battery
  • Keep battery that is not in use in plastic container or included battery charge tester
  • Use only high quality battery charger


  • 1 x NCR18650B Battery
  • 1 x 18650 Battery tester