Chunky 14mm Cool Water Tool

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Chunky 14mm Cool Water Tool

The Chunky 14mm Cool water tool is a great compromise between convenience and function.  

One might use this bubbler to connect to dynavap's nonavong with its 14mm connection or even a flip brick from sticky brick labs. And is right at home sitting on top of a mighty or crafty vaporizer. Just keep in mind if using with a mighty or crafty you will also need the appropriate 14mm adapter. And if connecting to a nonavong-s or xls then the mouthpiece will need to be removed. You are not limited to these previously mentioned tasks though. This bubbler is a handy edition to any vaporizer that utilizes a 14mm connection.

In the Cool Water Tool the bottom chamber is approximately filled half way with water. Vapour bubbles its way through the bottom chamber then up through the slits in the top chamber. This top chamber helps keep splattering water away from your lips.  


  • 1 x Chunky 14mm Cool Water Tool