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GR8TR Grinder By Kannastor

The GR8TR grinder has truly revolutionized herb grinding. From the moment I laid eyes on these grinders I was expecting great things. But if I`m totally truthful I would not have be surprised if it was a dud. Just thought it may have been too good to be true. 

From the first grind and now after hundreds I can safely say this is the grinder to rule them all. Never have I seen a grinder so adaptable to your personal preference and to the different results you may be after. 

Kannastor`s GR8TR grinder range consists of three grinders.

  1.  GR8TR® Solid Body Grinder
  2. GR8TR® Jar Grinder
  3. GR8TR® VAPE

GR8TR Grinder Vape edition, Jar edition and replacement screens

Highly Adaptable

The GR8TR grinder range have the ability to change the bottom grinding plate. This gives you the ability to change from a course grind to a fine grind. Both the original GR8TR and the jar edition come with both grinding plates. And the grinding plate that is not in use is stored in the lid, very clever design. 

Kannastor`s GR8TR also give you the ability to customize the quality of sift that ends up in the pollen tray. Offering a stainless steel mesh and 2 sizes of monofilament. Monofilament screens produce superior quality sift. May to longer to build up but worth the wait.

Kannastor GR8TR internal shot of grinder teeth

Effortless Grind

Kannastor have taken grinders to a new level with this grinding system. They call it the Micro-Teeth and Press (MTP) design. Instead of the usual design where you jam your herb in the teeth of your grinder then struggle on the first few turns. With the GR8TR you put your herb in the dish of the grinder then pop the lid/top grinding plate on and with just the weight of the lid you the twist the top plate until the lid lowers down onto the grinder body. This truly is effortless and is a great advantage when breaking up solid herb.

Addition to effortlessness the GR8TR produces consistent grinds with both the course and fine grinding plates.  

exploded view of GR8TR Jar Grinder by Kannastor



  • Interchangeable grinding plates (course & fine)
  • Interchangeable easy change screens (course, fine, monofilament & stainless steel)
  • Modular design (can be broken down into a smaller grinder and even a storage puck)
  • Micro-Teeth and Dish Press (MTP) Design (innovative grinding method)
  • Storage inside lid as well as spare grinding plate
  • Made from high quality 61/60 Anodized Food Grade Aluminum

monofilament screen kannastor grinders GR8TR Solid Body, GR8TR Jar, GR8TR Vape


Kannastor`s GR8TR is not a cheap grinder by any means. It is a top tier grinder that sits proudly along side grinders such as the SLX non-stick grinder, phoenician grinders and other sometimes overpriced for no reason grinders . But when you weigh up just how much features the GR8TR has you quickly come to realise you get what you pay for.

After 2 plus years of solid abuse the GR8TR is the first grinder I go for and still works as good as it did the first day I used it and this is with all original parts.

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