Purple Heart XL Vortex & Intercooler by Simrell Collection

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Purple Heart XL Vortex & Intercooler

Take your dynavap experience to the next level with the Purple Heart Vortex by Simrell Collection. A true premium stem that has been crafted to the highest quality. 

The use of purple heart wood really brings a lot of comfort to your fingers and lips while in use. Wood does not heat up nearly as much as the titanium version so longer sessions do not lead to a uncomfortably hot stem.

Please Note: DynaVap Tip & Cap Not Included

What makes the Vortex so special

Besides the beautiful understated design there is quite a bit going on with this stem. 

Offset Teardrop Airport : This is where things get interesting. Because the airport is offset to the side, when air enters it immediately spirals around the inner tube towards the dynavap tip creating a vortex. This helps cool the inner tube and also helps pull vapour from the herb chamber. The teardrop airport also enables easy adjustment to the amount of air that is let in through the airport. 

The Intercooler : The intercooler is made from medical grade titanium and is another key feature to the Vortex Stem. Once the air from the airport and vapour have met up at the base of the dynavap tip it then is sent through the spiralled intercooler. This lengthens the vapour path considerably which aids in the cooling and conditioning of your vapour.


To summarize the vortex experience is not that easy to put into words. If you are well accustomed to the dynavap experience then you will quickly notice the differences. There is truly something magical going on with the vortex and huge credit has to go to Austyn the creator for putting yet another great dynavap compatible product out there for us all to enjoy.

The Vortex is a great option for the dynavap lover, particularly if you have previous experience with other dynavap vaporizers. If this is to be your first vapcap then some of its charm may not be so well defined without having used other vapcaps. Still, you can't go wrong with a vortex.


  • 1 x Simrell Purple Heart XL Vortex & Intercooler
  • 1 x Storage Tube