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The Qomo is a very small and portable E Rig, used to consume extracts from your favourite herb.  

The Qomo uses a simple ceramic dish to vaporise your extract. The vapour then travels up into the little bubble before stopping off in lung city. Dazed and confused the vapour then makes it's way back out of your mouth.  

Operating The Qomo

The XMAX Qomo is operated entirely via the 1 button. 

Turn On: Click 3 times. The current power level is then indicated via a flashing light above the charge port.  Red (under 205), Green (20%-60%), White (60%-100%).

Then once the initial flashing lights have stopped the bubbler will illuminate the current temperature setting. White (280°C/536°F), Green (320°C/608°F), Red (350°C/662°F).

Changing Temperature Setting: Click the button twice to change temperature.

Go Time: After loading your extract into the the ceramic dish you are then ready to vaporise.  Hit the button one more time which will initiate a cycle of heat. Initially the Qomo will flash orange while it is reaching the selected temperature. Then once at temperature the light will slowly breath in the same colour that indicates the temperature setting.

If you wish to extend your session you can press the power button again to extend by a further 20 seconds. 

Looking for a spare coil? Here you can find a spare Qomo coil.


  • 1 x Qomo Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB-C Cable Charger
  • 1 x O-ring
  • 1 x User Manual