X Max V-ONE +

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The V-One + is a concentrate and essential oil vaporizer that produces a light but effective vapour. 


Replaceable and easily removable ceramic coil. This has become standard pretty much across the board when it comes to concentrate devices of this type. This gives you the ability to completely swap out the coil for a new one and also allows for easy cleaning by submerging the ceramic coil in isopropyl. Just be sure to rinse well with water and let completely dry. If you would like a spare coil click HERE.

Storage Compartment. At the bottom of the V-One + is a compartment that screws off which is lined with silicone. This compartment is perfect for storing waxes and oils for use while on the go.

Simple To Use. There really isn't much of a learning curve with this one. To load the V-One + simply slide the glass dome off the top of the unit and with using the supplied wax tool insert a small amount of wax, essential oil or concentrate into the ceramic coil then reinstall the glass dome.

Please note that for best results put the concentrate around the side of the bowl as this is the area that reaches vaporizing temperature. If concentrate finds its way into the very centre of the bowl it will often not be fulling vaporized. So keep it to the sides and you will be golden. 

Now turn the device on by clicking 5 times. The unit is now in stand by mode. All you have to do now is hold the button down and inhale at a long slow pace. Each press of the button will give you 20 seconds of heat.

Warranty. Not a huge warranty on this vape but still the good folks at X Vape have a 6 month warranty on the V-One +. Which will get you through the first period in which any usual defects would have been noticed. Any warranty claims can be done locally through us. High Tech Vaporizers.


  • Height- 125mm
  • Diameter- 19mm


  • 1 x X Max V-ONE +
  • 4 x Spare O-rings
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Usb Charging Cord
  • 1 x Manual