VapeXhale EVO Station (Factory Second)

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 NEAT & TIDY. The EVO Station is both elegant in design and very handy when dealing with all your VapeXhale accessories. Whether your transporting your EVO kit from room to room or just want to keep things neat and tidy the EVO Station is the perfect solution. Each station can hold up to 4 Picks/Dab Tools, 10 Tubes, 8 Baskets, 2 HydraTubes or anything with a 18 mm female base joint and of course the EVO itself. Keep in mind the slot for the EVO is dovetailed out meaning it is necessary to slide your EVO in from the back. This gives alot of stability to your EVO keeping it safe from falls. It is constructed of 100% Bamboo.


These EVO Stations are factory seconds therefore do have some minor imperfections such as dents and a not quiet right logo. They do however function exactly how they were intended. You can see in one of the photos the dents that you can expect. Dents are usually found around the HydraTub posts.  All photos are of factory seconds.



26.5 cm x 14.6 cm


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