Super Surfer Vaporizer 2

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Colour - Black Base/Silver Body

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Super Surfer Vaporizer 2

The Super Surfer Vaporizer is the most versatile and customizable vaporizer on the market. What sets the Super Surfer apart from the Silver Surfer is its ability to be used with vapour bags due to the added fan control that the silver surfer doesn`t have. This Fan Control can also be used in whip mode giving you the ability to basically preheat your herb so no breath is wasted getting your herb to the point of vaporization thus giving bigger hits.

Please Note: The new version which has the black base now has updated vapour bag accessories so what is pictured is slightly different but has been improved.

The current version of the Super Surfer vaporizer has recently arrived and has some updates which includes the temperature dial being relocated to the front of the SSV using a glass knob and now instead of a button to change the led colours there is a dial. This dial is also a button which will turn the lights on and off while rotating the dial will change the colours.

Another update to the Super Surfer Vaporizer is the valve system that is used with the bags. It now uses glass and silicone which is slightly different to what is pictured. 

The vapor that is produced with the Super Surfer in bag mode is some of the thickest juiciest vapour you could experience from any vaporizer and is extremely smooth and satisfying.

It also has an array of LED lighting and multiple lighting modes to create the desired ambience for your vape session. And if flashy lights are not your thing they can be turned off by simply pushing in the knob on the left.

The Super Surfer comes packed full of accessories including Vapor Bags. Whip, custom padded bag and everything you need to get underway.

The Super Surfer™ Herbal Vaporizer comes complete with:


  • Super Surfer Vaporizer 2 assembled with two hand-blown glass knobs and a Spherical Glass Heater Cover 
  • Padded Storage Bag with shoulder strap made of a durable hemp and polyester blend
  • Roll of food grade plastic Vapor Bags
  • Replacement Screens for the Whip Wand and the Vapor Bag Bowl
  • Glass Vapor Bag Mouthpiece
  • Glass Vapor Bag Bowl
  • Glass Vapor Bag Wand
  • Glass Vapor Bag Seal
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Glass Vapor Bag Sleeve
  • Glass Whip Wand with Bowl
  • Whip Tubing made of food grade vinyl
  • Stainless Steel Pick to stir your herbs or replace the screens
  • Hands Free Attachment to secure the Whip Wand or Vapor Bag Bowl to the heater cover
  • Sick Clip to seal and secure ground glass connections
  • Ceramic Flavor Discs for vaporizing essential oils and concentrates
  • A "Getting Started" instruction manual