Sticky Tube

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The Sticky Tube by sticky brick labs has been designed to be used with the hydrobrick and hydrobrick maxx. But could also be used with any glass that has an upright 18mm male outlet.

It is a truly beautiful piece of glass that has been designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. The way the top of the sticky tube is curved really adds to the overall look and you get the sense that you are holding some quality glass.

Sticky Brick Labs use only high quality heavy walled glass for all their glass parts and the sticky tube is no different. It feels very solid in the hand and is likely to be able to handle some small accidents. It is glass though so will break if any major accident happens.

The Sticky Tube works extremely well at taming those giant hits from the sticky bricks. It has just enough percolation to make the vapour tame while not totally robbing you of your herbs flavour profile.

The Sticky Tube also comes with its own 18mm glass stand. This is a necessity for the sticky tube as the bottom is curved on the edges. While it can stand without the stand it is not very stable.

All Sticky Tubes are hand made by experienced glass artisans and while they try to make every piece as consistent as possible, slight variations are normal. This is the nature of glass blowing.

Wooden Hydrobrick Not Included


  • 1 x Sticky Tube
  • 1 x 18mm Stand