Sticky Can

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The Sticky Can by Sticky Brick Labs was designed around the use with their Flip Brick and HydroBrick style vapes. The Sticky Can however can be used in a lot of other situations. With it's 14mm female glass joint on top you can connect a male whip attachment to just about anything. Very versatile glass.

Sticky Brick Labs use only high quality heavy walled glass for all their glass parts and the Sticky Can is no different. Being made out of high quality glass you are more likely to have this piece for years to come and not have to worry about it being broken under normal use.

The Sticky Can has a decent amount of volume behind it giving you the ability to draw giant clouds from your vaporizer without a harsh feeling on your throat. 

All Sticky Tubes are hand made by experienced glass artisans and while they try to make every piece as consistent as possible, slight variations are normal. This is the nature of glass blowing.


  • 1 x Sticky Can