Ryot Wood GR8TR Grinder

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Ryot Wood GR8TR Grinder

The GR8TR style of grinders has once again broken the mold for how grinders are made. The Ryot GR8TR Wood grinder is made from beautiful walnut wood, this includes its micro sized grinding teeth and comes with a glass catchment chamber coated in matte black. This glass catchment chamber can also be interchanged with any ryot glass jar.

Ryot Black Glass Jar

Ryot Clear Glass Jar

Wood grinder, really.....?

You might wonder why on earth you would ever make a grinder out of wood. Especially the teeth of the grinder. And yes this does have its drawbacks. So far in testing the GR8TR grinder is proving to be one of the nicest grinders to operate. It produces a medium to large size of grind and is very fast to use. Quite often grinders that produce larger grind consistencies take awhile to clear the grinding chamber when grinding. Not the Ryot Wood GR8TR. This grinder is very efficient and herb doesn't spend more time in the grinding chamber then it has to. 

It must be said that grinding super hard rocks of herb could reduce the lifespan of the ryot wood GR8TR grinder. And it certainly won't last as long as a metal grinder. And if this is the only grinder you will own then something with metal teeth might be a better way to go. But if you are a lover of nice grinders and want something a bit different then the ryot wood GR8TR grinder is a great addition to any collection. 


1 x Ryot Wood GR8TR Grinder