Ispire daab

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Ispire daab

daab provides a sleek, induction heated handheld rig that’s discreet & portable, for the perfect hit, every time, anywhere, at any temp!  The daab’s patent-pending carrier cup brings a safe, easy, and reliable dabbing experience with an all-glass airflow path for the perfect blend of temperature control and flavor.  Whether using it for tasty “cold start” dabs or high-temp clouds, induction promises the most clean, even heating for the tastiest hits available. Our borosilicate glass cups heats precisely, and avoids contaminants & solvents touching your product, at custom temps ranging from 250* to 800*F.

You will find parts and accessories for your daab on this page daab

Product Features

    • Induction Heating
    • Borosilicate Glass Cups
    • Water Chamber
    • Pass Through Charging
    • Battery Operated
    • Type-C Charging Port
    • Viscosity Ranges
    • Temperature Settings
    • Safety FeaturesHigh Tech Vaporizers
    • Portable

Note: Please refer to the user manual before using the dab rig kit.


  • Battery Capacity: 2 x 18650
  • Charging Current : 5V - 2A
  • Charge Port: USB-C charge port
  • Temperature Range: 250ºF - 800ºF (121C - 426C)

Induction Heating

What makes this heating method so unique? In most common heating methods, a torch or open flame is applied directly to the part to be heated. With induction heating, heat is “induced” within the part itself by circulating electrical currents. Since heat is transferred the part never comes into direct contact with any flame or contaminant, the inductor itself does not get hot and there is no product contamination. When properly set up, the process becomes very repeatable, controllable, clean and safe.

Pass Through Charging With Fast Type-C Charging Port

daab is rechargeable, and has a pass-through so it can be used while charging. The daab also has removeable batteries which is always a positive giving you the ability to carry spare batteries. This also gives you the ability to get new batteries after the original batteries have lost their peak performance. 


  • Device x 1
  • Carry Case x 1
  • Water Chamber/Carrier Cup x 1
  • Reclaim Cup x 1
  • Carb Cap x 1
  • Inner Cup x 2
  • USB Cable x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Ring x 1
  • Dab pad x 1
  • Dab Tool x 1
  • Alcohol Swab x 3
  • Alcohol Pad x 2
  • Water Chamber Silicone Bumper x 1