HydraBase Bomb Edition

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VapeXhale's HydraBase Bomb Edition brings another layer of functionality to the EVO vaporizer. Whether your after larger inhales or smoother vapour the hydrabase is a great option.

The Bomb Edition features the stunning crystal grenade like percolator. This percolator will smooth out the vapour without adding to much draw resistance and is the most free flowing of percolators currently available from vapexhale.

Typically the HydraBase is used with either a HydraTube or Dry Mouthpiece placed on top of the HydraBase.

Please note that in order to use this HydraBase with your EVO you will need a 18mm female to 18mm male adapter kit

All VapeXhale's glass is made by skilled glass artisans. And while they try to make every piece as consistent as possible slight variations are normal. Please understand that this is the nature of glass blowing.


  • 1 x HydraBase Bomb Edition