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Hydra Mouthpiece


The Hydra Mouthpiece by VapeXhale is yet another masterpiece from the leaders in herbal vaporization.

If your after Hydro conditioning but can`t spare the cash for a HydraTube, the Hydra Mouthpiece is a great solution for you. But please don`t look at this as just a poor mans HydraTube. It has its own unique vaporizing experience and delivers smooth, flavourful punchy draws. 

At just over 12 cm its compact and convenient and has its place in anyone`s VapeXhale collection. 

Not enough filtration? Why not add the LYNX by VapeXhale. LYNX is another water chamber that can further percolate your vapor before it travels through the Hydra Mouthpiece. The sky is the limit to how you wish to use the Hydra Mouthpiece & or LYNX.

Stands 5 in. / 12.7 cm tall.