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The Hydra EVO Starter Kit is a great compromise between price and performance. With this kit you get the full legendary performance of the EVO, Water conditioned vapour and at a considerably cheaper price compared to the HydraTube Starter Kits.

Hydra Mouthpiece

The Hydra Mouthpiece by VapeXhale offers a unique experience. At only 12.7 cm tall it lightly moisture conditions your vapour while leaving a full bodied flavour.   

The Hydra has nestled inside a small percolator. Which provides just enough percolation to take the edge off your vapour. 

Not enough filtration? Why not add the LYNX by VapeXhale. LYNX is another water chamber that can further percolate your vapor before it travels through the Hydra Mouthpiece. The sky is the limit to how you wish to use the Hydra Mouthpiece & or LYNX.

VapeXhale's EVO

The EVO is one of the highest rated home vaporizers on the market today. And it's for good reason. The EVO produces a high amount of convection power and has a wide range or temperature settings. It is well known for its massive cloud output but is also great down low for that extra terpy enjoyment.

Dry Herb & Concentrate

Truly outstanding performance with both dry herb and concentrate. The EVO has been designed to do both and unlike some, concentrate use is not an afterthought. While the EVO lives up to it's name with dry herb, producing large amounts of vapour, concentrates really do take it to a whole other level.

Dry herb is consumed using the included stainless steel herb baskets. Herb is loosely packed into the herb basket then placed into the top of the pre heated EVO. Then the hydra mouthpiece is placed on top and you are ready to take your draw.

Concentrates are consumed using the included VapeXnails. A small amount of concentrate is placed into the glass tube then placed into the preheated EVO for a slight preheating itself. Then you slide your hydra mouthpiece on to enjoy the extreme vapour output.

All Glass is hand blown by glass artisans. And while they strive for perfection you may see slight variations from unit to unit. Please keep in mind this is the nature of glass blowing. 


  • 1 x Hydra Mouthpiece
  • 1 x EVO (220 volt)
  • 1 x Power Cord (AU)
  • 2 x Herb Baskets
  • 2 x VapeXnail Glass Tubes
  • 1 x VapeXheat Shield
  • 2 x Cleaning Wipes
  • 1 x 3 Year Limited Warranty
CAUTION: The VapeXhale EVO™ is a high heat device. Never leave your EVO™ turned on and unattended. The EVO™ may be inverted during inhalation. However, do NOT leave the EVO™ inverted for an extended period of time.