Honest QuadSaber

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Honest QuadSaber

The Honest QuadSaber boasts 4 small jets that come together to create some serious heat. Its flames are adjustable and can also be locked on using the flame lock found on the side of the QuadSaber.

You may notice a little more going on above the jets on this lighter. The QuadSaber has small pieces of metal that sit above the jets. This metal causes the flame to be a reddy pink colour and also seems to make the flame longer. This flame creates some residue so if these flame characteristics don't suit your needs the little piece of metal can be easily removed with a screwdriver. Thus turning the pretty pink flame back to 4 standard jet flames. If you would like this removed before delivery please add a note to your order and we will remove this for you. 

This bad boy can be used for fast heating of dynavap vapcaps. And of course alien invasions. 

When using quad torches on a dynavap vaporizers it for sure heats up faster. This changes the vapour quality/characteristics quite a lot. And for most people it will be for the better. When the cap is heated up faster you get more convection then if it was heated up slower and the vapour will come across more flavoursome. This is especially true on the first draw. When it is heated up slower with a small single flame the whole bowl gets more time to heat up and the percentage of conduction to convection is raised. 


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