Honest Fat Single Flame

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Honest Fat Single Flame

The Fat Single Flame by honest produces a very wide jet for the size of the lighter and also has the capability to switch between the beefy single flame and an ordinary flame that you would find on a standard old Bic lighter but bigger. This is done by sliding the switch on top of the lighter.

The Fat Single is ideal for both DynaVap Vapcaps and sticky brick vaporizers.

The Fat Single also is very easily adjustable at the bottom of the lighter. Most lighters will require you to place your fingernail in the groove to adjust. This light can be adjusted the same but can also be adjusted by pulling up the handle making it possible to use your fingers to adjust.

There is also a lot to be said about the convenience of a full clear body. This makes it really easy to gauge how much fuel is left in the lighter. 


  • 1 x Honest Fat Single Flame (random colour)(empty for shipping)