Ghost MV1 Mega Bundle

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Ghost MV1 Mega Bundle

This Bundle will set you up with everything you need to keep you vaping as often as you need. It includes the standard MV1 kit with the addition of a spare battery pack, fast charger and crucible dispenser.

The new MV1 Stealth Edition from Ghost Vapes now comes in this striking matte black finish. It is one of the most powerful portable vaporizers on the market if not the most powerful. Its on demand convection heating means that you won't be waiting long for heat up times and you can also expect premium vapour quality.

New Improvements For The MV1 

Ghost Vapes are a company that are always looking to improve and advance their MV1 to higher levels. With this latest model they have improved a list of things such as the following. 

  • New and improved Heatsink & Seal
  • Highly durable tactile matte finish
  • New and improved door mechanism & switch
  • Updated firmware helps pull the best out of the MV1
  • Improved tolerances
  • Updated app

MV1 Design Features

On Demand Convection Power

The Ghost MV1 is perfectly suited to users who like to take single hits from a device then leave the rest of the bowl for later. What makes it so perfect for this is the fast heat up time and the fact that it is powered by convection. So while you are not inhaling through the MV1 your herb will not be producing any vapour therefore cutting down on waste. 

It should also be noted that while the Ghost MV1 lends itself well to the single hit users you can also finish off the bowl easily in a very short time with consecutive draws one after another. Heat up times are also considerably shorter once the the initial heat up has happened. Only taking 2-3 seconds before the vibration happens singling it is ready for use. Initially this usually takes around 10 seconds.  Sometimes the first 2 draws will be enough to drain most of what your herb has to offer. Especially on a high heat setting. 

Bulk Power

Ghost Vapes have put a lot of effort in creatingGhost MV1 removable battery pack the perfect battery for their MV1. It is removable, replaceable and smarter then your average battery. With embedded technology in the form of an electronic chip you can be sure your power is delivered safely and consistently. 

The MV1 battery has also been designed to not be adversely affected by infrequiet charging. Giving you the ability to keep your battery at a charge level that will give you peak performance.

The Heat-sink & Vapour Path

A shinning feature of the MV1 is its intricate and well thought out vapour path.MV1 heat-sink  Vapour from an MV1 is both smooth and cool. But still is very satisfying. They have achieved this high quality vapour with their one of a kind removable heat-sink and vapour path. Vapour moves up through the heat-sink, cooling and conditioning the vapour before it reaches your lips. This conditioning helps tame the heaviest of hits.

Ghost MV1 App 




The MV1 can of course be used without the app but is still a very handy option to have. It provides you with detailed information about what your MV1 is doing as well as makes it easy to change heat settings.

Charging Times

The MV1 comes standard with a USB charging cable. This method of charging is quite slow. Taking several hours to fully charge from dead. This time is dramatically lowered with the included fast charger. The fast charger will enable you to fully charge your battery in under 2 hours.

2-5 Year Warranty

Straight out of the box the MV1 comes with a 2 year limited warranty against defects for the original purchaser. All you have to do to extend this warranty to a whopping 5 years is register your MV1 using the smartphone app. This gives you some very important peace of mind for your new purchase.

The Battery however only has a 1 year limited warranty.

Please note the MV1 does emit a quite high pitch noise while the heater is engaged. This is something that you will likely get used to pretty quick as its performance really outways a little noise. But should be mentioned.


  • 1 x MV1 Base Unit
  • 2 x Crucible (1 installed, 1 spare)
  • 1 x Concentrate Pad
  • 3 x Picks
  • 3 x Alcohol Wipes
  • 3 x Cleaning Buds
  • 1 x USB Charge Cable 
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Fast Charger
  • 1 x Spare Battery
  • 1 x Crucible dispenser (includes 5 crucibles)