Fury 3D Glass Stem

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Fury 3D Glass Stem

The 3D Stem is possibly a must have for most. This stem gives you that purist flavour with its low interruption style of vapour conditioning. If you are big on flavour it is worth every penny and more.  But on top of that it also gives you the ability to insert straight into the chamber of your Fury 2 or Fury Edge. Effectively giving you an all glass vapour path and smaller chamber size.

To use this glass your herb is loaded into the glass itself instead of loading it into the chamber of your Fury. Then once your Fury is up to temperature you then insert the glass into the herb chamber and inhale. While this does give you smoother vapour and an all glass vapour path it also makes microdosing easier as the chamber in the mini glass is a lot smaller then that of the Fury. 


  • 1 x Fury 3D Glass Stem