Elev8 10-Tree Pancake Beaker

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Elev8 10-Tree Pancake Beaker

The Elev8 10-Tree Pancake Beaker is a tower of awesomeness. With 2 percolators, at the bottom it has a shower head perc and then above that features the 10-tree percolator. A really stunning piece that will provide enjoyment just sitting there. And of course do a premo job smoothing out vapour.

Please note that the toxic green that is available is at a reduced price due to a brown mark that was left on the down stem during manufacturing. It is a new product that has never been used.

The elev8 10-Tree Pancake Beaker utilizes a 14mm female glass joint.

When it comes to shipping high end glass such as this we do recommend using express shipping due to the fact that express is handled more through people and less through machines and is a lot safer for your new glass. That is not to say the free standard shipping will result in broken glass but express is certainly safer.

Whip Adaptor NOT Included


1 x Elev8 10-Tree Pancake Beaker (Please Choose Colour)