DynaVap M Starter Kit No 3

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In the DynaVap M Starter Kit No 3 you will find every you need to get rolling with your new M vapcap. The only extra thing you need is some high quality butane fuel and you are on your way.

The No 3 Starter kit features the 2018 M vaporizer, a walnut DynaStash ER and a Honest Sleek Jet lighter. On top of this is all your consumables such as high temp o-rings, condenser o-rings. dynawax, silicone mouthpiece and some spare CCD screens.

The 2018 "M" Vaporizer

The M by DynaVap has been updated yet still remains the most affordable vapcap on the market. If you are looking to see if DynaVap is for you the M is a great way to dip your toes in.

The "M" vaporizer is constructed out medical grade stainless steel and is made to exact dimensions as the original vapcap 'M'. The cap used on the "M" is the exact same cap used on all vapcaps. 

The entire DynaVap range is created around one of the most unique and exciting heating systems around. And is seriously fun to use and experiment with as you find the right technique that yields the result you are looking for.

How Do You Use It

To use the "M" the cap is heated using a lighter (usually a torch lighter) until you hear a click. It's time to take your draw as you feather your finger on and off the carb/air inlet hole until you find the sweet spot. After two or three draws the cap will click again signifying the temperature has dropped below the optimum temperature and will either need reheating or repacking.

One of the best things about the "M" is that you can find your own technique that produces the sort of vapour you like. Unlike most electronic vapes where you get the same experience every time. You have the power to change your technique resulting in a new fresh vapour experience.

Long Lasting Performance

Throw it off a bridge, drive a tank over it or shoot it out of a cannon. The solid "M" vaporizer will hold up to most of all anyone will ever throw at it. Over time though if parts do happen to wear out such as the cap or screens. They are easily replaced.

In the DynaVap No 3 kit it is up to you which lighter you would like to be included. The following lighters are available.

Sleek Honest Lighter

The sleek honest lighter is a single flame jet lighter that is comfortable and easy to use. It has a flame lock to hold the flame on if necessary and also has a butane gas level window so you are able to tell if you need to refill.  

Honest Fat Single

The Fat Single Honest lighter has a jet that you would usually only find on larger dab style torches. This lighter produces a wider jet flame then your usual small jet lighters. It also has the largest tank size and is easily visible so you will always know how much gas is left.

Dual Viper

The dual viper works a treat on vapcaps with its side by side jet set up. This one however does require a small flat head to adjust flame size.


The excalibre is another unique looking lighter. This one has an auto opening lid with a single thin jet flame. This one also requires a small flat head screwdriver to adjust.


  • 1 x 2018 M Vaporizer
  • 1 x Honest Sleek (Empty For Shipping)
  • 1 x Walnut DynaStash ER
  • 3 x Stainless Steel CCD Screens
  • 5 x High Temp O-rings
  • 3 x Condenser O-rings
  • 1 x DynaWax
  • 1 x Fat Mouthpiece