DynaTec Apollo 2 Rover Battery Powered Induction Heater

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DynaTec Apollo 2 Rover Battery Powered

The Apollo 2 Rover induction heater takes your dynavap vaporizer to a whole new level. Once mastered it increases consistency and ease of use. And it must be said even the vapour comes across different (more tasty) especially on the first heat cycle.

Of course the shinning feature of this version is its ability to break away from a power outlet. The battery power of the Rover will give you quite a lot of clicks before needing to recharge.  

Please Note: The Rover comes with a US plug style charger so you will need the appropriate adapter to charge your Rover. 

How To Use

The Apollo 2 induction heater is for sure easier then a lighter to use when heating a vapcap but there is still a bit of a learning curve. So far in our own testing we have found especially on the first heat cycle that a couple of extra seconds of heating is required to get any sort of vapour on the the first cycle. Consequent heat cycles once there is some heat in your vapcap require less heating so stopping at the click is usually the way to go. But of course a bit of experimentation is always helpful just to find that sweet spot for your own taste.

Step 1 Turn on the Rover via the button located on the back of the Rover.

Step 2 Load your Dynavap vaporizer as you normally would.

Step 3 Push your Dynavap vaporizer into the induction heater. There is a button inside the induction that gets pressed in when your vapcap is inserted. This is what engages the heater. A red light will signal the heater is in action.

Step 4 Once that awesome click is heard you are ready to inhale. And remember sometimes an extra couple of seconds is necessary to get what you are after.

Step 5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your herb is spent.


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