Digital Volcano Vaporizer w/ Solid Valve Starter Set

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Digit Volcano Vaporizer

For a long time now the Volcano Vaporizer has been regarded as the best vaporizer money can buy. And you can rest assure it definitely lives up to its reputation.

Digit Volcano Advantages

The Digit Volcano Vaporizer is the bells and whistles version Volcano with the Classic being the original analog version.

The Digit`s main advantage is the ability to set the temperature right down to the degree. Making it easier to find your sweet spot time and time again. And also know exactly what temperature you are vaporizing at. The digital screen also gives you an idea when it will be ready as it counts up the temperature as it heats up. 

The digit volcano also produces a more consistent vapour compared to the classic. This is due to the accuracy of the temperature. Accurate to 1.5°C compared to the classic volcano which is accurate to 5°C. This however will not be that noticeable and vapour quality is basically the same in most cases.

The Digit Volcano also boasts a huge temperature range of 40°C - 230°C. The Classic volcano only has a temperature range of 130°C - 230°C. This makes the Digit Volcano a great option if you need a wide range of temperature settings.

Solid Valve Starter Kit

The Solid Valve Starter Kit is the original bag system for the volcano range of herbal vaporizers. And it has a few clear advantages compared to the Easy Valve system.

Adjustable Depth Herb Chamber

One of the best advantages the solid valve system has over the easy valve is its herb chamber is depth adjustable. After loading the herb chamber with your desired amount of herb the top screen assembly is then pushed down on top of your herb keeping it snug and packed to perfection. You can put a small amount of herb in this chamber or a ridiculous amount of herb in this chamber. Possibly the biggest herb chamber ever created for a herbal vaporizer. And can be used for small doses. Truly great design.

User Replaceable Bags To Any Size

Unlike the easy valve you only get one solid valve. But what you do get is a 3 meter tube roll. This is used to make up the new bags once you have worn one out. With this system you can make whatever size bag you want. Usually an average of 6 bags can be made with the included volcano tube roll but that really comes down tom the size of bags you decide to make. This system is also cheaper when it comes to replacing your bags as you will only have to buy a new tube roll once the included roll is used.


Digit Volcano

  • 1 x VOLCANO DIGIT Hot Air Generator
  • 2 x VOLCANO Air Filter Set
  • 1 x Herb Mill
  • 1 x Instructions for Use
Solid Valve Starter Kit
    • 1 x Solid Valve Filling Chamber
    • 1 x Solid Valve Filling Chamber Insert
    • 1 x Solid Valve Balloon Valve (prefitted with 2ft of balloon tubing)
    • 1 x Solid Valve Balloon Tube Roll (3m)
    • 1 x Solid Valve Mouthpiece 
    • 1 x Solid Valve Normal Screen Set
    • 1 x Solid Valve Liquid Pad 
    • 1 x Volcano Cleaning Brush