Assassin Stem by JoeKing (Stainless Steel Sand Blasted)

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Assassin - Stainless Steel Sand Blasted

The Assassin Stem was designed by Joe King and is very much a multi functional stem. Likely the most multi functional stem there currently is.


  • 14mm connection: With the included O-ring positioned in the middle slot you can achieve an airtight connection to any 14mm female connection.
  • 10mm connection: With the O-ring positioned in the slot at the mouthpiece end you can connect to a 10mm connection. Holding the assassin in place while in use is required for this type of connection.
  • Closing off airport function: By sliding the condenser O-ring up past the airport you can render the airport redundant. This is very useful if using your assassin with a bubbler.

Items you will need to complete your vapcap

To complete this setup you will also need the following items.

  •  Dynavap Tip Any dynavap tip can be used.
  • Standard Condenser Either an M Condenser or a Standard Condenser
  • The Cap Any Dynavap Cap can be used


  • 1 x Assassin Stem (Stainless Steel Sand Blasted)
  • 2 x Spare O-rings
  • 1 x Sticker
  • 1 x Storage Tube