3D Flow Stem W/Mouthpiece for Dynavap (100mm)


3D Flow Stem 100mm for DynaVap

This one will surprise. The all glass 3D Flow Stem for dynavap tips brings a new dimension to your dynavap tip. Simply slide a dynavap tip into the end and you are ready to go.

This 3d flow stem also has an inbuilt mouthpiece which funnels the vapour through a smaller diameter tube before entering your mouth. This not only makes it more comfortable to use but also further cools the vapour. 

As these 3D Flow Stems do not have a airport they are best suited to the more free flowing dynavap tips such as the titanium tip and stainless tips from 2019 on wards. 

Dynavap tip NOT included


  • 1 x 3D Flow Stem With Mouthpiece 100mm


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